Rogue and Wolf wishlist + coupon code

August 15, 2019

Hello there lovelies! Recently I became a brand ambassador for Rogue + Wolf, so I wanted to share my wishlist with all of you, and it will be hard to choose just a few items cause I love everything they have on the website. I promise you that soon I'll order some stuff and show them to you, but for now, here are some of my favourites!

Btw if you decide to purchase anything you can use my code RWNATASHA for 10% off. (if you have this code saved somewhere, but it's not working anymore, come back to this post to get a new one, or just check out my instagram 'Coupons' highlights)

Let's begin with some clothing items, because damn they're good! Well my favourite one is definitely this Dark Matter Cardigan, it's just one of those things I must have and I don't think I would ever take it off. Also how cool are these constellations on th inside?

Another clothing item I had to show you was this Catstronaut Sweater, that I think is so unique and interesting, I love it when tops and sweaters are a little bit longer so that I can wear leggings with them, and that's another reason why I'd love to have this item.

Buuut, what R + W are known for is their awesome 3D printed jewelry, which is perfect for those who are allergic to metal. Also it's so hard to find black jewelry and these are the most unique pieces I've ever seen. They have so many different choices, so there's no doubt that you will find what you're looking for, and to see it all just visit their website.

Another thing I'm obsessed with are their tumblers and mugs... I've been looking at their Cauldron mug for a looong time, so that will be the first thing that I'll get! It'so simple, yet so interesting, and eye-catching, at least for me. And the tumblers are just incredible! I love the cupcake lid that comes with them, also the black and white straw is so rad!

1. Spirit Tumbler 16oz / 450 ml  
2. Witch Cauldron Mug

3. Spaced Out Tumbler 22oz / 625 ml

I will stop here because I could go on until I add the whole website to this post... I simply like everything and I'm a sucker for black and white stuff! So just to remind you if you decide to buy anything you can use my code RWNATASHA for 10% off and if the code is not working, check out my instagram for a new one. :)

Let me know which products you liked the most and would you ever purchase something from Rogue + Wolf? :D <3

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