It's a nice night for a black wedding

March 24, 2019

Hi there! Today's outfit is probably one of my favourites, because this is for sure the most wonderful dress I ever had.
When I first put on this dress I thought every clothing piece should have a mesh with stars because stars just make everything so much better. The dress is from Shein and you can find it here. On their website you can find many other beautiful dresses, and even though I have a very alternative style I found so many that I would love to wear. You will see another one in my next post, but until then please let me know what you thought of this one? :) <3 Also if you want to purchase anything from Shein use the code shsale424 to get 10% off any purchase!

P.S. These photos were taken by @nata_li_photography

Dress - Shein

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  1. Imaš stvarno poseban stil. Prelijepa si :)

  2. Ovo je predivno, izgledaš magično u ovoj haljini! Ta kruna s lobanjom i crnim ružama me skroz podseća na meksički praznik Dan Mrtvih i to mi je mnogo kul! <3


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