Palms reflecting in your eyes like an endless summer.

August 02, 2018

Hi guys! Recently I got back from Greece, and I took some amazing photos there, but these are my favourites. It was strange to take photos of outfits in a foreign country, and I think people were confused, but who cares...
I love this embroidery dress from Shein, it's perfect for the summer and for the beach. And you can also wear it with a simple black dress, it will still look awesome. What's you opinion about embroidery, would you wear something with it?

Dress - Shein

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  1. Girl, you are on fire! The whole look is lit.

  2. Love the see through outfit, perfect for summer.

  3. You look attractive on your post.So sexy!

  4. You. Look. AMAZING!I can tell that you love what you’re wearing!

  5. I really love it, Thanks for sharing! Looking forward for more!


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