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August 05, 2018

Hi lovelies! In today's post I'm wearing a cute and unusual bikini from Light in the Box.
I was afraid that it wouldn't look good on me, but the size is accurate and it fits perfectly. The top is very cute, but I like to wear the bottom with other bikinis too. I got it because of this beautiful leaves print and now it's one of my favorite swimsuits. Let me know if you like it ^^

Bikini - Light in the Box

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  1. this bikini is so cute.
    You look like a mermaid.
    So pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wonderful beach outfit. And you look so stunning!

  3. I love the bikini, it's so soft yet so beautiful x)

  4. I will definitely check out their website! :)

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  5. I think I'd say, you're like a vanilla! You certainly look good with the bikini.

  6. You look sexy and beautiful on your swimwear.

  7. The swimwear looks nice and looks beautiful on you.

  8. Nice post wearing your suit at the beach!


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