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August 05, 2018

Hi lovelies! In today's post I'm wearing a cute and unusual bikini from Light in the Box.
I was afraid that it wouldn't look good on me, but the size is accurate and it fits perfectly. The top is very cute, but I like to wear the bottom with other bikinis too. I got it because of this beautiful leaves print and now it's one of my favorite swimsuits. Let me know if you like it ^^

Bikini - Light in the Box

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  1. this bikini is so cute.
    You look like a mermaid.
    So pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wonderful beach outfit. And you look so stunning!

  3. I love the bikini, it's so soft yet so beautiful x)

  4. I will definitely check out their website! :)

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  5. I think I'd say, you're like a vanilla! You certainly look good with the bikini.


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