Must be love on the brain.

August 30, 2018

Hello there! I couldn't wait to get these items from Shein, especially because this is the first time I got something holographic, I don't know why since I really love that material.
Well I did have a holographic dress once, but that was back in elementary school. I was afraid the skirt would be too wide because my waist is about 75, but it's just a little bit and I'm satisfied.  And this top is the cutest, it's very simple but I just love the print and I probably like it so much 'cause these are the colours of my hair. If you want to check out the items I'll leave the links bellow. Also I dyed my hair again and this time I used Crazy Color Sky and Capri blue and of course Schwarzkopf Ultra Brights Shocking Pink.

Top (size L) - Shein search ID:497021
Skirt (size L) - Shein search ID:459363

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  1. Kosa ti SIJA tako sveže ofarbana, puna boja. <3 A ta holo suknja ti odlično stoji! <3

  2. The simplest style I have ever seen on your post.

  3. This is very different from your other post. The looks is so simple.

  4. Way too different from all of your post but cute.

  5. I noticed that this one is the simplest among all of your posts.


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