Let's cause a little trouble.

August 02, 2018

Well hello there! As someone who likes to experiment with different styles and outfits, for quite some time I really wanted to post just a casual, simple outfit, so I got this cool white swimsuit
 from Girlmerry, that I'm wearing as a bodysuit, and these awesome laced up pants. As for the pants I got one size bigger, because I wanted them to be baggy but if you buy them I recommend you to just get your size, so that they fit you perfectly. I hope you like this outfit, and see you in my next post! :)

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  1. Predivna si. Definitivno se razlikuješ od drugih po velikom broju stvari, to me i privlači ka tebi i tvom blogu.
    Šta imaš na usnama, top je?
    Sjajno draga♥


  2. You look so lovely and kind of naughty because of that caption! Keep slaying!

  3. Nice curve dear! I like the combination of your outfit.

  4. I love how you look in this outfit. Very chic!

  5. I like the outfit. Really looks good on you.

  6. Hmmm for me,not really fan of this kind of outfit.

  7. I like the color of your hair, perfectly fit for you!

  8. She looks like a trouble.just kidding :)

    Check this out: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/hassan-sadiq#/entity

  9. Your causing me a big trouble :)


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