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July 04, 2018

Hi everyone! Here's a simple but cute outfit I couldn't wait to take photos of.
Well it didn't turn out the way I wanted because I had so many exams and I wasn't in the mood for all this, but I hope you like it! I'm wearing this awesome top with plants print from Zaful, it looks very minimalistic and tumblrish. I love to wear it with high waisted skirts and shorts. By the way, if you want to puchase something at Zaful you can use this code ZFNancy to get 10% off. Also Zaful has a mega mid year sale going on at you can check it out here. And they recently celebrated 4th year of anniversary so go check out their video Youtube Celebrities on Zaful Anniversary. That's it for today, and let me know what you think about this outfit! :D

Top - Zaful

Watch - Daniel Wellington

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  1. Nice combination of zaful top and black skirt. Very girly and beautiful!

  2. Savršena kao i uvijek! Prosto se oduševim svaki put kada ponovo vidim tvoju kosu! ♥♥♥

    Novi post -> https://innisall.blogspot.com/2018/07/30-ideja-za-zabavno-ljeto.html

  3. Natašaaaa bree djevojko, koliko si lijepa i basic ja ne mogu ...
    Tvoja kosa. Kida!
    Slike su ti fenomenalna, a majčica iz posta je jako kjut♥


  4. You look so cute on your outfit and your hair color as well.

  5. Wow ,no doubt you can't wait to share this outfit style XD You looks so pretty on these outfit.
    Thanks for sharing xxoo

  6. Beautiful outfit <3 I love your hair, it suits you great *_*

    Could you follow me on GFC? I followed you <3


  7. Your outfit looks fun too. Thanks for being so generous and giving us a code for discount!

  8. You look stylish but very simple. I love how your makeup looks natural.


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