Zaful Summer Wishlist (june)

June 30, 2018

Hello guys! Today I'm sharing with you my Zaful finds and as soon as I finish my exams, in a week, there will be many new outfits and makeup looks, so I can' wait.
Also if you decide to buy something from Zaful, you can use my discount code - ZafulW (so if you but something for $25 you will pay $23, or if you buy for $50 you will pay $44 etc...)

Well when I saw this swimsuit it was love at first sight, I love everything about it, and I'll definitely get it. I really like white swimsuits, but every time I try them the bottom is very see through, so since this one has a print I think it will be perfect! It's definitely in my top 3 when it comes to Zaful's swimsuits. 

If you need a cute casual dress for the summer, this is it! A simple striped dress, and it's perfect for the beach too.

You've probably already seen many tops or bodysuits with this caption, but they are usually yellow. And if you have colorful hair like me or you just don't like yellow, it's finally here in white and I can't wait to wear it with my checkered skirt!


That all for today's post, and I can't wait to show you what I got from them, so stick around if you're interested! :D

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  1. Kupaći je divan, ali i ostale stvarčice!:D

  2. Haljinica i ova posljednja majica su već duuugo na mojoj wishlisti, nikako da ih poručim. Sjajan post, draga! ♥♥♥

    Novi post ->

    1. Ja sam napokon uzela majicuu :D A za haljinicu se plasim da bi mi bila prekratka jer sam za njihove mere previse visoka xD

  3. What a lovely beach suit! And also the stripe dress nice. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lovely swimsuit!I like the color and its style.

  5. That swim suit you have from zaful is very beautiful. I like every details of it.

  6. Plane or white bodysuits are nice when you have colored hair.Cute! I agree.


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