Zaful Summer and Beach clothing + bikinis

June 11, 2018

Hello there! As the summer is getting closer, I can't stop looking for new clothing and my favourite online store for summer and beach clothing is definitely Zaful. So I'll share with you my wishlist...

First I'd like to mention their low cut tops and to see them you can click here. But here are some of my favourites...It wouldn't be me if I didn't include the checkered one, and of course my second choice is the simple black top that goes with everything, and I definitely like that it's laced up.

Well with these I would need something that's high waisted so my choice would probably be a skirt. And this butterfly skirt is like a fairytale. But the blue one is also wonderful, especially because of the colour.

With colorful tops I would wear something way more simple, definitely black or white, like this laced up skirt, or simple shorts.

And since I need a new bathing suit, I went to that category too so here's what I found. I like this one because of the bottom, the print is to cute, but I'd probably wear it with a different top because this one covers too much.
Next three swimsuits caught my attention also because of beautiful prints and honestly when I look for bikinis I never know what I'm actually looking for, I just know it when I see it. And when it comes to bikinis I'm more open to all kinds of prints.

Aaand of course black and white stripes print is a must-have! I'm glad it's not checkered because I don't want to make you guys hate that print :D

Soo that's it, I hope you guys liked this post and see you in my next one!

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  1. Sjaajne si komade odabrala, posebno mi se dopadaju crna suknja i šorts. Odlian post! ♥♥♥

    Novi post ->


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