New finds on Shein

June 25, 2018

Hiii! In this post I'll share with you some amazing clothing pieces I found on Shein. I'm in love with all these things and it will be so hard to choose what to get.

I really need some long dresses, so I found some beautiful ones. I'm in love with this pastel pink dress and I can already imagine how magical the photos in it would look like.

Now this one is a little bit different because of the material and the colour, it looks very simple and classy like the previous one, but it gives me some dark/goth vibes and I can't wait to show you how I'll wear it.

I guess embroidery is still very popular and I finally found something that I love. The flowers on this transparent dress are so tiny and cute, and it's a fun thing to wear to the beach. Also I love the way they dressed the model, I'd definitely wear it similar, or maybe with a short black dress.

I think I finally found a witchy dress, that I always needed, on Shein, and here it is! It's a simple black dress with wide transparent sleeves.

Now this one is so simple but fabulous, just look at those sleeves! Unfortunately you get it without cami but that wouldn't be a problem for me. And since those two parts are not merged you can wear it however you want.

This catsuit is insane! These kind of bodysuits are so weird to me, but I think this one I'd actually wear with some cool boots and a topcoat.

This lingerie set with top and shorts is so cute, and I never had something like this so I'd love to see how it would look like on me.

To end this post I'll add a few more items that I like and I'd love to hear your opinion so let me know in the comments. <3

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  1. That is very sexy! I wish I can have even just one of these.

  2. Svaki komad mi se dopada, interesantan izbor :-) <3


  3. That looks stunning. Such wonderful outfits. They seem so well paired!

  4. Zanimljiv izbor! Prva haljina mi se posebno svidja, kao i set sorc i top! ❤

  5. love all your picks, especially the star dress!

  6. Very true you'll get confuse which one to choose. All are really nice.

  7. I like those dresses up there very elegant.

  8. These dresses are absolutely beautiful. Even the style and colors.


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