Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Cornwall 32mm review

June 17, 2018

For some reason I was never a person who wears watches and I had some before but I never wore them. I found out about Daniel Wellington from a friend, so I checked out their website and instagram profile and after a few minutes of scrolling I already fell in love with a few watches.
When they accepted my offer to collaborate it was so hard to choose one product, and my choice was Classic Petite Cornwall 32mm in silver. What's really amazing about it is that it's water resistant, so I think it's an awesome and of course useful accessorize to wear to the pool or the beach. Also I chose simple black watch because I think it would look good with any outfit, and you can't make a mistake with this one! If you want to get one for yourself you can use my code infashionchains to get 15% off, and believe me you won't regret it!

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