Shein Summer Wishlist

May 13, 2018

Nice weather is finally here and I'm so happy that now I can only look for summer clothing like skirts, crop tops etc...I found so many inspiring stuff on Shein, I say inspiring because I find inspiration for makeup and photography in everything, even clothing, and I couldn't wait to share this wishlist with you. I hope you'll also find something you like!

You have probably noticed on instagram that checkered print is really popular now, and I actually love this trend, so I found some really cute clothing pieces, but you can find a lot more on their website.

 Another print that is becoming more popular, but not as the first one, is grid, which I like too and it has those grunge vibes.

Of course I always find so many cute tops, but I'll just include some of my favourites.... Most of my clothing is black and/or white, especially when it comes to tops, and I love when there's print or text so if you have the same taste, you will probably like these!

I usually wear shorts and leggings during the summer, because I can't find skirts that match my style, but on Shein I can always find some simple but rad skirts that I'd love to wear. Also I never buy pants online, for some reason I'm skeptical about that, probably because I'm tall, so I'm afraid they'll be short, but I think with these ripped skinny jeans I'd take a risk!

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  1. Bas mi je fora ovaj kao sahovski print. Odlicne si stvari odabrala 😊

  2. Suknja sa šahovskim dezenom je bomba, prelepa je! <3

  3. Love all your picks! I am obsessed with the checkered trend.


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