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April 18, 2018

Hello there! I'm here with another post in my new favourite leggings from Shein. I wasn't so happy with pictures in my previous outfit post because the weather was gross and I wasn't in the mood for posing.
I like to wear these leggings with black tops but they would probably look cool with white tops too. I'm also wearing a Black Sanctuary dress, but since I'm tall to me it's like a tank top. And it has the funniest quote on it that says: "I always wear black because I'm ready for your funeral". I hate it when people ask me why I always wear black, like it's a bad thing, so here's my answer :D And for the record I don't ALWAYS wear black. My wardrobe is full of colorful leggings that those same people also don't like :D

Grid Leggings - Shein
Jacket - Zaful
Top - Black Sanctuary

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  1. I love the post:)
    Have a nice day, dear!

  2. You look amazing! I love your hair *_*

  3. Izgledaš prelepo, u ovakvim kombinacijama tvoja neverovatna kosa najbolje dođe do izražaja. <3

  4. I love your outfit and I can't get over how beautiful your hair is! The pictures are absolutely fab. x Liz

  5. stavrno lepa kombinacija kosa ti je prelepa ;)

  6. I have been following your post and you really know how to carry your outfits well.

  7. I like the shades,the leggings is cute.

  8. Your outfits are cute.It fits you.


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