Demon Girl makeup (face awards entry)

April 09, 2018

Hello everyone! This post will be very short because I just wanted to share with you my look for this year's Nyx Face Awards competition. Unfortunately I didn't make it to top 20,
but I'm glad that at least most of my favourite looks are there! :) I think my entry is much much better than last year, but I guess it wasn't enough for the competition. I wanted to recreate tex.art_'s drawing because her art is very inspiring. I'm just happy that she and people on instagram liked it, and picture of the look is my most commented post ever. It took me too much time to prepare and do this makeup look, but I hope that I'll be able to do more complicated looks like this one in the future because it seems like people like that and I love and enjoy doing it! Here's the video and photos and let me know what you think :) !

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  1. Love

  2. To što te nisu svrstali u top 20 je najveća nepravda koja se dogodila u skorije vreme. Shame! Shame! Shame!
    Ti si onu ilustraciju oživela i ja sam oduševljena ovim. <3

  3. That's very impressive! You do it so delicately and I wish I could try that on myself. Please join the competition again next year!


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