Not today Satan!

March 31, 2018

Hey guys! This week has been crazy! But luckily I found some time to relax and take some cool outfit photos. I've been preparing for Nyx Face Awards so I spent a lot of time on that, and you'll be  able to see that in my next post.
Recently I got a package from Shein, and I'm crazy about the stuff I got. I decided to shoot these leggings first, and save the other clothing piece for a more professional shooting. So here's an everyday outfit...These grid leggings are very simple, and maybe some people will think they're nothing special, but who cares, I just love them. I think they're very rad! And I'm wearing them with this freaky tank top with the quote "Nope, not today Satan". I'm very happy that my style is becoming more and more the way I always wanted it to be, but I still like to experiment a little bit. What do you guys think? :)

Leggings - Shein
Hoodie - H&M
Boots - Aldo
Top - Zaful
Earrings - Ebay
Bag - Aliexpress

Photos by Jelena

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  1. Nataša moja draga, savršenija nego ikad! Veoma efektna kombinacija, odlicno ti stoji! A kosa i sminka bozanstveni!

  2. Kako ti je lijepa kosa! Kombinacija je isto divna.

  3. Izgledaš strava! Jedva čekam da i sama obučem tu majicu i uslikam je - obožavam natpis. :)

  4. Amazing style and photos!You always delight me I have to admit :)

  5. Kombinacija je PRESAVRŠENA a kosa ti je toliko moćnaa daaa nemam riječi! Svaka čast, zaista! ♥♥♥

    Novi post ->

  6. great post


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