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January 10, 2018

Hello everybody! Since the weather was treating us really nice lately, I had to use that for an outfit post. I've been feeling so positive for past few weeks because of that and I feel so excited for everything that this year will bring. I even dared to finally post my first video on youtube that you can check out here. I'm not so proud of it, but you have to start somewhere, and I hope next one will be way better.

Now let's get back to my outfit. I always loved high waist skirts, but I don't know why I waited for so long to buy a simple black one. I found this one in H&M, and it's definitely what I've been looking for. This skeleton top is actually a bodysuit from ebay, I love wearing it, but the problem with these bodysuits is that there's only one size, and I wish they were a little bit longer. The jacket is from Zaful, the quality is amazing and I have a feeling I won't be taking it off. Boots are from Aldo, and I never shop there because the quality of their shoes is not as good as you would expect for their high prices, but the reason I had to get these were those cool metal letters that say "real love". And I completed this look with one of my favourite necklaces, Voldemort's wand that you can find on aliexpress or ebay for $1 or even less. I'm very happy with how this outfit and the photos turned out, so I can't wait to hear your opinion!

photos taken by Jelena - The Couture Case

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  1. Kosa ti je predivna, takodje i outfit je odlican ! :*

  2. Woow, outfit je vrh, ali kosa i šminka su ti iznad toga :). Oduševiš me svakom svojom fotkom. ^_^

  3. Ali predivna si, prosto predivna! <3

  4. Lovely outfit, Nataša! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great post honey 😘 You look amazing 😍

  6. you look awesome in this outfit and i like boots, waist skirt, necklaces, especially jacket.

    i love this jacket too :Laila Ali Black Leather Jacket at WE Day California


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