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December 25, 2017

The morning I did this makeup I wasn't really in the mood for anything, but since I didn't post any new looks in a long time I knew I had to do it.
I started doing my makeup, I used BH Cosmetics Second Edition Palette for eyes and eyebrows but I felt like something was missing. Even though eyeliner always makes the look ten times better I was afraid that I'll just ruin everything, but I started applying it without the idea how it will actually look. I just improvised and it turned out to be perfect! I used Golden Rose Longstay Liquid Matte on my lips, and to finish the look I added a triangle with eyeliner, and two rhinestone stickers under my eyes. The beanie is from ebay and the nails too. And I made the glitter lolipop by myself, I just licked it, added glitter and then some hair spray. I'm really proud of this look, I love it, and can't wait to hear what you guys think! :D

Foundation - Max Factor Warm Almond 45
Highlighter - Makeup Revolution Unicorns Heart (blue)
Contour - Technic Cosmetics Colour Fix Palette
Eyes and eyebrows - BH Cosmetics Second Edition Palette
Eyeliner - Essence Liquid ink eyeliner waterproof
Lips - Golden Rose Longstay Liquid Matte 10

Beanie - click here
Nails - click here

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