Thursday, May 18, 2017

Modern blogging and online shopping scams

As you can see from the title, this post is about modern blogging and how it helps scammers, and here I consider mostly personal fashion and beauty blogs, but the main thing I want to talk about are online shopping scams. You're probably wondering now why I included both topics in this post, and that is because nowadays bloggers have a big part in online shopping scams, and I believe most of them are not even aware of that, like I wasn't, until a few months ago.

First of all I have to mention some of the websites that you can see on many blogs, that send bloggers free stuff in return for a review: Rosegal, Zaful, Dresslily, Sammydress...

Believe me I'm not happy that I'm writing this post, but I have to do it. Getting free stuff for doing what you love to do is amazing, but I'd rather be honest with people who follow me because I would feel so guilty if only one more person ordered anything from them through my link.

The reason I'm writing this post is because I had real experience with Rosegal and they had no idea at that time that I'm a blogger and that I worked with them. I got a gift card to spend on their website, and I know I got stuff for free, but how they dealt with me was not professional at all, it was just something I've never experienced before and all I can feel is anger when I think about all those people who actually spend their money on these websites and have to go through all this things that I'll tell you about now. But before that I have to say that my decision to stop working with those Chinese websites and my opinion about them are not based on my experience only, but on experience of thousands of people who's reviews I've read online, on websites like sitejabber, trustpilot etc...

my experience

So this is what happened after I got my gift card, and I repeat they had no idea I was a blogger. They sent it to me and I ordered the stuff I wanted. I didn't really think about that, but after about 20 days I realized they still didn't send my order so I contacted them. They told me that some of the things that I ordered are not in stock and that I can wait for another 15-20 days or replace them. I decided to wait. When that time passed I contacted them again and they told me that they don't have any of those things I ordered and that I have to choose new stuff and send them links. Which means now I can't use codes to get a discount so I could choose less things, but I just wanted that to be finally over. 

Also there were some small problems, first they said they can't find my order in their system which I honestly didn't believe. Then I got a new gift card on their website because someone used my link to register and purchase (I honestly hope they got their order). And I wanted to get some dress, but of course it wasn't in stock and I had to replace that too, I got something cheaper and this is what they told me: "Kindly note that there is some price difference and we have sent you an invoice to pay for it". First of all it was cheaper and secondly I wasn't supposed to pay for anything. That's when my patience was gone and I told them that as a blogger I had awesome collaborations with them, but now I realize that they are only nice to people who promote them and that I'm very disappointed. Of course that's when everything magically got fixed. I got all my orders, and it was over but it didn't stop me from telling people the truth because I don't want people to give their money to these stores because we should really somehow put an end to this. So I talked about all this in a facebook group about scam websites, and I couldn't believe this, after some time Rosegal contacted me about that on instagram. I'll quote some parts of the message:"We where notified about some comments you did on facebook related with the problems you experienced with your gift card. We want to apologize for this inconvenience...". They were notified about comments I left on facebook? I mean is this a joke? After that they all of a sudden they had all the stuff that I ordered at the beggining and sent themto me.

I told them all I think about them, a few times, but talking to them is like talking to the wall. It's so hard to communicate with them, and now it's hard for me to explain why. First I have to say that they don't speak English that well, so I don't really know if they're ignoring what I'm saying or they don't understand. Also it feels like they just repeat the same sentences that they learned and they don't really care about the things I'm telling them. Sometimes I'm not even sure if they do it all on purpose or they're just incapable of doing well their job.

I don't want it to be like I'm exaggerating because I'm not. I purchased from Chinese websites before, like Shein and Romwe and I never experienced any problems with them, but I'll talk about them another time if you want me to. The problems that really annoyed me are that they have so many things on website that are not in stock, but that would not be such a big deal if they notified customers when they order something they don't have. How the hell do they think it's okay that a customer orders something and they don't notify them it's out of stock, but a customer has to contact them? I wonder what would happen if I never wrote them, would they ever sent me the order? Another important question, do they really think it's alright that someone waits for a month for their order to be shipped. I have purchased from many websites and never saw that. I have so many questions that won't be answered because that's how scammers work, they tell you that buyers are not patient and that's why they have many bad reviews.

Just another proof they're scammers is what they told me in one email: "We have our own photography team and our own models that take pictures with our items.". That's probably the biggest lie I heared from them, because all those websites Dresslily, Rosegal, Zaful etc take most of their photos from other websites, and put their own watermark on them, so they basically steal photos and make similar clothing. That's why sometimes the quality is bad and some stuff look totally different from the picture, which I'm aware of and I get stuff from Asia at my own risk. But I don't want to risk not even getting the order, that's just not acceptable for me, so that's why I'll never purchase from them.

my opinion about this situation and how to fix it

What I want people to realize from this is that you can't trust reviews that you see on blogs or YouTube, because sometimes even the promoters don't know who they're actually working with. And I know the best thing would be if everyone just stopped collaborating with these stores but I don't think that will happen any time soon and I don't expect bloggers to do that because of my post. I'm aware that most of them won't think the way I do until they have the same experience. But I just want my blogger friends to understand the situation and at least don't talk about how great and fast their shipping is and stuff like that, just do the review for the products you got and that way at least you won't lie to people, even though it's unintentional.

It was strange to me that these stores send so many free stuff to small bloggers, and there's many of us. But after all this happened I understood why they do it. Even with us almost all the reviews about them are bad, almost every customer is unhappy and they try to cover it with many good blog and youtube reviews. And I won't be a part of that anymore, I'll remove every link to their websites from my blog when I have the time because there's too many. But I rejected all their collaborations after this and you won't see them on my blog anymore. I'm aware that some reviews on sitejabber or trustpilot don't show the real situation, but for these websites I'm 100% sure they do. 

If even one blogger decides to stop working with them after my post I'll be happy. And this is not just about your followers, it's about you and your blog. It's bad to support scammers because people trust you, and it's not good for your blog to do that, because you will lose that trust. 

modern blogging

Now I want to talk about modern blogging, precisely about personal fashion and beauty blogs like mine. As everyone else I like to get things to promote, but this is starting to destory many blogs. People accept all kinds of collaborations and promote things that are not related to their blogs at all. I see dozens of reviews for the website called StyleWe, that people write for maybe $20-30. They write reviews for websites who's products they haven't even tried, and it all looks to me like a bunch of spam posts. Why would you write a review about a website? I don't see a point in that. Also I've seen some reviews about this website called inflatable zone, and they sell inflatable products, also just website reviews, and spam posts. Do you guys really think that we need reviews of websites? I mean you can't review products you haven't tried so I can't consider it a products review post. Those kind of posts are literally empty words to me, no quality at all. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't think there's much quality in my blog either, I know I could do way better, but I think this is too much and some peope go too far for a few dollars $$$.

what's your opinion about this?

I'm not trying to offend anyone here, just to make bloggers realize what's happening and I believe something needs to change and would love to hear your opinion about this if you managed to read the whole post, because it's definitely the longest one by now.


  1. pa, imala sam i ja lose iskustvo mislim da je bio ili rosegal ili wholsale, hteli su da rade sa mnom i da odaberem par stvarcica, medjutim kada sa se pozalila da nisam dobila sve iako sam ispostovala njihov budzet izignorisali su me totalno! Tako da em sto je trebalo mesec dana da stigne em sto su bili jako ne ljubazni za saradnju!
    a sto se tice reklamiranja na to stvarno ne mozes da utices. ja sam dobila sat od 300$ (da) od brenda koji mi je reko samo ovim recima: ja sam ti posalo sat kad stigne reklamiraj ga. Boli me bas uvo. ja ga nisam izabrala niti me je iko sta pitao, sat je stigo ali ga nikad nisam reklamirala. cudno je zapravo sto su blogeri postali takvi da reklamiraju sve i svasta, zarad, cega? zato su i ljudi prema blogerima takvi.

  2. I ja sam se bas pitala zasto blogerke masovno reklamiraju te stranice.. Cula sam da su Romwe i SheIn bolji i drugaciji i dobri za saradnju i kupovinu. Ja sam dobila sa Romwea majcicu koja je prelepa ali materijal mi se nije bas dopao pa je retko nosim. Dobila sam i giftcard na sajtu Trendsgal i bili su bas ljubazni i postovali su sve rokove za slanje, obradjivanje. Mada ni oni nisu znali engleski pa su mi na vise pitanja dali skroz pogresan odgovor. Sve u svemu, stvari su na slikama prelepe ali kvalitet se uzivo razlikuje tako da je meni sigurnije kupiti ono sto mozes da probas 😊

  3. Wow that sucks. I never had any problems with the stores, but I always have a lot of problems with customs here in my country!

    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

  4. Pojedini blogeri su poceli da reklamiraju sve, jer im nije bitno da li je to dobro ili ne, ali smatram da ako vec reklamiras nesto da onda treba da gledas kvalitet kakav je... Nisam za online kupovinu, iz prostog razlog jer vise volim da odem u radnju i probam i vidim kakav je kvalitet i kako mi stoji... kad god sam narucila preko nekog sajta, razmisljala sam da li je bas tako kako izgleda :)

    Novi post na mom blogu

  5. You ask me about follow. I follow you, now is Your turn :)

  6. I really like you :)
    Happy weekend!

    Can you follow me? I follow you :)
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts! :)

  7. This is so true. Thanks for sharing.
    I followed you on your blog and Google + . Hope you visit my blog soon.


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