Born Pretty Store Review | Mini haul

February 02, 2017

Before I start this post I want to say this is my 100% honest review for Born Pretty Store, and my experience as a buyer not as a blogger.

  • I'll start with shipping because that's the most important thing for me. They offer free worldwide shipping which is amazing, but since they ship from China you would expect that.

I ordered on December 14th and my order was shipped on December 21st, after 6 working days.
I got the order after about 30 days. I'm not sure if it would come earlier if I didn't order it around the New Year, because a lot of stuff that I ordered from ebay before the New Year were really late and it doesn't usually happen.

  • What I can say about the products is that they're amazing. I've used Sweet Sweet nail stickers before and I love them. And the stamping plates are really good and they come in these cute packings that I definitely won't throw away. Of course I'll show you how it all looks on nails in some of my future posts.

  • Some of the products from Born Pretty Store can be found for less money on Ebay and Aliexpress. So that's the only reason why I don't know if I'll  purchase again from this website. And I'm not really sure if purchasing from their website could pay off after some time, when you get their BP points and use the coupons. But overall my experience with them was good.  So if you wanted to make an order I hope this review helped and I would love to read your opinion so please leave a comment! :)

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  1. these products look really cool :) i like the stamping items.

    have a nice day!

    Anna <3

  2. Love the products you ordered. :)

  3. Great Post and it´s always good to read reviews before ordering at an unknown store.So thanks for your Review:)

  4. Lovely products! ;)

  5. Vrlo zanimljiv haul draga moja. Jako simpaticne stvari si izabrala.


  6. Nice posts. I heard about this website before. Cool products.

    Emmi -

  7. so cute :3 I loved it
    A sweet kiss
    Sara M.

  8. These look so cute omg I love them!! They're so adorable, and I love the lil macaron things in the photos haha c:

    My Latest Post

  9. Odličan post!! :)

  10. Thanks for your comment!
    Now followed you and hope you do me back soon!

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