Ozspecials : No more than $9.99 + free shipping

What always always lures me to shop at an online store is free shipping. And recently I've found out about this amazing store Ozspecials, based in Chine, which sells all kinds of women clothing, at cheap price as low as $1.

NYX Wicked Lippies and High Voltage | Review

I was so excited about trying those lipsticks and I got them about three months ago on Feel Unique. I gotta say I was a little bit sceptical about the Wicked Lippies ones because they're metallic, but I love them.

The Liebster Award

Honestly I hoped I wouldn't be nominated for The Liebster Award because I wouldn't have the answers to the questions, but amazing girls from Oh, Lady Mania! blog gave us some fun questions which I'll be very happy to answer :D 

Spring / Summer outfit ideas | Pastel addict set

Summer outfit 3

The spring is finally here which inspired me to create these three outfit ideas on Polyvore which I think are very cute and fun!


Whenever I'm in PULL&BEAR or Bershka I prefer to go to the male section to check out tshirts :D They have amazing, comfortable, good quality tshirts which are not expensive. Could it be better? 

Outdoor concert outfit (inspiration) | Odevna kombinacija za koncert (inspiracija)

Going to a concert 1

A lot of you probably already know about Polyvore, but if you don't you have no idea what you're missing out!

10 Helpful TIPS for Blogger begginers | 10 Korisnih SAVETA za početnike na Bloggeru

For a while I've been thinking about writing this post and finally I am. In the beggining every time I'd change my layout I'd spend a lot of time doing it, so I though why not help other people who don't really know anything about it, and gather all the important things for changing the HTML code of layouts. So these are basically some tips for begginers on how to improve your blog + HTML codes that every blogger should know how to add or change...