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October 16, 2016

I couldn't wait to have free time to do some crazy makeup. I didn't really have an idea so I went on Pinterest for some inspiration.
I wanted to do pop art makeup, and then I run into this cute lip makeup idea, so I started from that and then I just impovised. Unfortunately I don't have all the face paint colours so I used lipsticks and eyeliners, but at the end it all turned out good. I will list everything I used but of course you can always use other alternatives or just face paint if you have it. If you like to do looks like this one just for fun, like I do, I hope I'll inspire you and if you decide to do this or something similar feel free to send me a picture!

On the eyebrows I used Snazaroo Turquoise face paint and Aura's white pencil.

Around the eyes I also used white pencil but then I had to fill some parts with Snazaroo's white face paint, which I also used for white dots on one eye. For the blue parts I first used blue eye pencil and then over it I applied Golden Rose blue metallic eyeliner. And for the pink under my right eye I used NYX's Addis Ababa soft matte lip cream.

And this is how I drew the cupcake. First I drew the brown part for which I used the darkest eyeshadow from Catrice's Absolute Rose palette. Then I drew whipped cream with Snazaroo's white face paint and the strawberry with NYX's Addis Ababa lip cream, on top of which I used face paint again to draw dots. I drew the sepals on the strawberry using NYX's Pistachio Macaron lipstick and a brush from an old eyeliner. I really wish I had a green eyeliner for this, because it looks weird, but nevermind. And at the end I drew the cupcake liner with the same blue metallic eyeliner and I think it looks really cool like that!

And now the lips...First I applied white lip pencil on my bottom lip, then NYX Addis Ababa lip cream, and at the end on the top of the upper lip I applied Deborah Pearly Stick Eyeshadow 06, which is very easy to apply and looks like a pencil.

So that's it, hope you liked this post and if you have any recommendations for what I should do next let me know in the comments. And I'm too lazy to translate this in Serbian so from now on I'll just leave posts like this one only in English. Also if you like crazy makeup ideas follow my pinterest board. Bye 

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  1. Kako je ovo dobro ispalo, svaka ti čast!!!

  2. Wow! Your crazy Make-up Look is very nice. I like it very muc!
    Thank you for your following. I follow back now :)
    Have a nice weekend.
    Moni von Glam & Shine

  3. Sjajan post,sminka je super!♥

  4. Ajme ovo odlično izgleda!
    Svaka čast! ☺♥

  5. wow i love this make up! so stunning! follow:) now waiting for U:)

  6. This looks so nice and creative!
    I'm following your blog now :)

    You can follow mine too if you would like to :D

  7. Ovo doista izgleda prefora!! Inače kosa ti je stvarno savršena! <33

    Fantastiko World

  8. Zanimljiv post, divne slike, stvarno volim kod tebe to što si kreativna! ♥

  9. wow fantastic make up and hair:) love it!:)

  10. Lovely post darling!


  11. Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

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  12. Love it :D

  13. Wow, that make up is amazing... just art! Thanks for sharing :)

    Le Style et Moi

  14. Ja sam zaista odusevljena! S obzirom da se profesionalno bavim sminkanjem, slobodno mogu reci da je ovo pravo umetnicko delo! Svaka cast za kreaitvnost. Odlicno ti stoji, zaista energični mejkap, treba to izneti, a ti si uspela zaista.


  15. Odlican post! Sminka je vrh vrhova 😊 Svaka cast 👌

  16. Woow, amazing! You're an artist! It's a great idea for Halloween, because all the costumes haven't to be scary! :)

    xoxo dear ❤
    Melania |

  17. Wow! Amazing makeup! Love it!

  18. Nice post! Have a great weekend.
    new post is up take a look!

  19. This is so cute, and I really like the hair. :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  20. Hej zapretila sam te!!! Prelepo si uradila male up i uskladila ga odlični sa ocima i bojom kose svaka čast!

  21. follow her she will follow u


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