Light 'em up | Chicme

Well the winter is coming and I only like it when I don't have to go anywhere. I hate the cold weather, it's always dark outside which makes me sleepy, and I lose all the enthusiasm. But there are good sides too, like being able to take cool photos, and I love photos taken in foggy weather. 

Cheshire cat | Halloween 2016

Hello everyone! I know Halloween has about a month ago but I wanted to share my Halloween makeup with you.

Diamond Hair Styler from Irresistible Me | Review

If you are interested in buying this hair straightener but you can't decide, I'm here to share my experience with you and help you make a decision!


I would always somehow run into this t-shirt at online stores, and I would consider getting it but in the end I find something else. But a few weeks ago I finally decided to order it and now I'm

Cake Cake Cake

I couldn't wait to have free time to do some crazy makeup. I didn't really have an idea so I went on Pinterest for some inspiration.

We ain't ever getting older

The first thing you'll notice will probably be this Unicorn Tears bag which is, in my opinion, one of the coolest in the whole world. 

Future looks good

Hi everyone!  It's me with galaxy print again! I don't think anyone would notice but this is actually the dress that I wore in one of my outfit posts when I did Joker makeup .

Ebay Mini Haul part 1 | cheap stuff ideas

I often purchase cool and cheap stuff on ebay, and I think I'm becoming an addict, and the postman is probably going to quit his job because he'll get tired of coming to my house, but let's hope that doesn't happen  . 

Dream on dreamer

This time I'm bringing back these awesome galaxy leggings because what could go better with a simple t-shirt like this one? 

Sleepysaurus Rex

Today I'm bringing you something totally different, it's a night dress! I found it on Zaful and I think it's the cutest one I've ever seen.

All I wanted was you

This skirt from Rosegal is, no doubt, in the top 3 of my favourite clothing pieces I've got this year! And as soon as I

Life is like a cactus - Full of pricks

Who doesn't like cactuses? They're fun and cute ☺and if you like them you're gonna love this t-shirt too.

Let's cause a little trouble

As I promissed yesterday here's another outfit ☺ What made me buy this beautiful summer dress was the print which is very interesting, there are feathers, arrows, some cool shapes...and I think it looks very indie.

Donut worry Be happy

Hello everyone! ☺ So this week there will be a lot of outfit posts, since I had exams I didn't really have time for blog and now I have to do it all in just a few days.

Devils don't fly

At first sight this dress looks very simple, not like something I would get, but the reason why I got it is because on the back it has wings.


Recently I got some stuff from online shop called Zaful about which I already wrote and I promissed there will be an outfit post soon so here it is.

Pastel outfit | Boom Cha

Recently I wrote a post about Rosegal, and now I'm showing you stuff that I got from their website.

No Sé Llorar

Recently I went to a wedding and I really wanted to shared my outfit with you guys although it's a

Meeting Enrique Iglesias, 10.05.2016. Serbia, Belgrade - my experience | airport + concert

A few days ago Enrique Iglesias had a concert in my country, so before that me and my friends were applying for all kinds of contest to win meet&greet. You don't expect someone to say his, but fortunately none of us won any.

Body Electric | SHEIN outfit

I have been looking at this dress on Shein for a long time and recently there was 24h free shipping so I had to get it!

Ozspecials : No more than $9.99 + free shipping

What always always lures me to shop at an online store is free shipping. And recently I've found out about this amazing store Ozspecials, based in Chine, which sells all kinds of women clothing, at cheap price as low as $1.

NYX Wicked Lippies and High Voltage | Review

I was so excited about trying those lipsticks and I got them about three months ago on Feel Unique. I gotta say I was a little bit sceptical about the Wicked Lippies ones because they're metallic, but I love them.

The Liebster Award

Honestly I hoped I wouldn't be nominated for The Liebster Award because I wouldn't have the answers to the questions, but amazing girls from Oh, Lady Mania! blog gave us some fun questions which I'll be very happy to answer :D 

Spring / Summer outfit ideas | Pastel addict set

Summer outfit 3

The spring is finally here which inspired me to create these three outfit ideas on Polyvore which I think are very cute and fun!


Whenever I'm in PULL&BEAR or Bershka I prefer to go to the male section to check out tshirts :D They have amazing, comfortable, good quality tshirts which are not expensive. Could it be better? 

Outdoor concert outfit (inspiration) | Odevna kombinacija za koncert (inspiracija)

Going to a concert 1

A lot of you probably already know about Polyvore, but if you don't you have no idea what you're missing out!

10 Helpful TIPS for Blogger begginers | 10 Korisnih SAVETA za početnike na Bloggeru

For a while I've been thinking about writing this post and finally I am. In the beggining every time I'd change my layout I'd spend a lot of time doing it, so I though why not help other people who don't really know anything about it, and gather all the important things for changing the HTML code of layouts. So these are basically some tips for begginers on how to improve your blog + HTML codes that every blogger should know how to add or change...

Max Factor smokey eye drama kit 2in1 & Aura makeup brushes

About two months ago, for my birthday, I got this amazing SMOKEY EYE DRAMA KIT - 03 SUMPTUOUS GOLD, and to be honest at first I thought that I won't like it and that I'll only use two colours, because I was never into gold eyeshadows, but when I tried it I loved it!

You wanna touch life so hard | Romwe Lace Embellished Loose Dress

I always wanted to buy something on Romwe but didn't have a chance until this year. I know some people had very bad experiences with them but I purchased 3 times, and everything was fine. But I'll leave my review for Romwe for another post. 

Corpse Bride Emily | Halloween costume | How to do it yourself?

If you love Tim Burton then you must know who Emily is, but if you haven't watched Corpse Bride then get on it immediately! :D In my country Halloween is not a holiday, but some people still celebrate it, and I think it's fun to disguise, so that's why I like this holiday.

AURA New In Town Shine Excess karmini recenzija | LIPSTICKS REVIEW

I saw these lipsticks on billboard for the first time and I couldn't wait to buy them :D I'm very glad that Aura has something like this, and with a very affordable price.

Feel Unique HAUL | part 1 ( online kupovina )


Hi everyone! I found out about Feel Unique about two months ago and I wish I had earlier, because

This is what makes us girls

Hi everyone! I've been gone for a long time, but I decided now I'll be more active and I've got a lot of new ideas . So the skirt I'm wearing is by brand Noix,