Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DIRECTIONS hair dyes review + short N'rage review

By now I've only tried neon and lagoon blue by Directions, because there's just one place in my country where I can buy those hair dyes and they don't have all the colors. I would like to try atlantic blue, but I don't wanna bother ordering it on the internet.

Neon blue is a nice color, it's dark, and it's not really blue but I like it. When you first dye your hair with it it's more purple, but then it becomes blue when it starts washing out. And lagoon blue is awesome, and the color turns out how it's supposed to. 
  • I dye my hair once in a month and I don't think you should dye it every 15 days like some people do. If you want your hair color to last longer just dye it with a darker blue so that it doesn't wash out to turquoise or green too fast.
  • It doesn't stain too much, only first few washes. It doesn't really stay on my towel, but you will have to sleep on a blue pillow :P just be careful at the beggining
  • And yes, you HAVE to bleach your hair. I have to say it does appear on dyed hair, but it was completely gone in  just a few washes. I dyed my washed out red with neon blue and it turned out to a beautiful purple color, I loved it, but it lasted for about a week.
  • The only thing I don't like about those hair dyes is that they're expensive and you need two of them.
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