Happiness is a warm gun

October 19, 2014

Hello '.' so leggings again :P I'm wearing police line leggings by romwe, I bought them from some girl, but I think Romwe are not selling them anymore :( So you can buy them on ebay or wherever you find them. The jacket is from Sportina, by Vero Moda, and they always have nice jackets :) And this tank top is from H&M, I couldn't really find the same one, but they always have similar to this one :) The bag was sewed by my grandmother, so I don't know where you can find a bag like this one, but sometimes there are the same in New Yorker just with print :) and finally the boots...I got them a long time ago, and I think they're unbranded, but they look like Dr Martens, just with some (if i could call them) beads...on one side. And I have seen ones like those in Deichmann. Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to comment, and if you like my posts follow me :)

More photos:

Gun necklace

Rings from Claire's, I have also bought them a long time ago, but you can always find something interesting on their website :)

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