Blue Velvet

October 26, 2014

Hi everyone :) so here's an elegant outfit that I love. This dress was sewed by my grandma, and it's the most beautiful dress I ever had. I really love it, and it suits well with my hair, or at least it did, cause now it's a little bit washed out :P. The idea for this dress I got from an app called "Fashion Dresses" (which you can find on google play), although mine is a lot different, the app is still awesome and helpful. The necklace is from an unknown store, I adore it and I think it looks a little bit gothic :P and goes perfect with the dress :).
My hairstyle is very simple, I wanted it to be like Katherine Pierce's from Vampire Diaries, here you can see some tutorials >>> click. I hope that you like this outfit, and that you'll find it inspirational :)

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  1. Love your dress!! Found your blog on lookbook and I love it! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog!

    1. Hi :) i'm sorry i did not reply earlier....Thanks so much :) my followers button was not working, but it works now.....and i am following you :)

  2. Hvala ti na komentaru na mom blogu, pratim te, sad je na tebi red :)

  3. The outfit is lovely and thats so nice that was made boy your grandma so you can keep it as a memory! xx


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