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September 15, 2013

Don't you think that you'll never have enough leggings? :) That's how I feel, cuz I just love them! I kinda got bored from all those monochromatic pants...Although I gotta say that these are not so comfortable because they are not stretchy, but they are also not expensive therefore it's not a big deal. Here's were you can order them, but there's only one size, so I only recommend you to buy them if you wear S or M. And this shirt I have bought a looong time ago at Tally Weijl, but that's something you can always find, so here's a similar one. As for the accessories, I'm wearing Claire's  Toxic necklace which unfortunately they don't have anymore, but you can check out their other stuff because they are amazing and not expensive. And the ring with a little rainbow is from Sixx jewelry but I have also bought it a long time ago and I couldn't find anything similar. However, I still recommend you to check out those two jewelry shops because they have really cute, unique and interesting accessories :)  And finally I wanna share this awesome nail polish tutorial with you > here . I really like it, but I'm not good at this things so I have only made two skulls on the left hand, and I haven't even tried to draw the lines. I hope you'll try it and good like with it! :P byebye

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