Nice leopard print dress

September 08, 2013

Hii :) Soo after all those looks with leggings (which I, as you can see, adore :P), I got just a little bit of them tired and decided to post this one. It's nothing special, just a pretty dress with leopard print. But that's why I like it, cuz it's not too conspicuous and not formal. It's also very comfortable and simple, but the leopard makes it really awesome. I love it cuz you can wear it with both, sneakers and heels.
And for the end, this dress is from Terranova (link), but it's sold out on their website. Here you can find similar. Besides dress you can see rings that I'm wearing. It's a coffin ring, in which there's engraved skelleton when you open it. I can't remember the store in which I bought it, but I found similar on ebay. The second one is just a simple ring, which I have bought in Sixx jewelry, a long time ago, but it's not hard to find a similar in other jewelry shops.
And this is it, I hope you like it :) ROAR 


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  1. Imaš mnogo dobre kombinacije, sviđa mi se tvoj blog. ;) Moćna haljina, leopard print u sasvim drugačijem svetlu! :D

  2. Very noticeable in a great way!

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