September 04, 2013

Hello '.' this post is kinda different, but next time it will be like before I think :P
So this look is maybe a little bit urban, because of the graffiti leggings and snapback. And in my opinion this is an everyday look. You can wear it when hanging out with friends, going to school etc... Those leggings are from Terranova ( link ) and they are really nice and comfortable. I love this tank shirt because the print is awesome and on the shirt it says:"Dreams come from backstage, ONLY FOR NOW". You can but it ( here ) and also check out other t-shirts from Stradivarius cause they are great :) . As for the accessories you can see the snapback from C&A, on which it says "Oh boy". Unfortunately I couldn't find it on the internet. I love snapbacks and they are really helpful when you have a bad hair day, haha jk :P ...I'm also wearing the ring with Lana del Rey's picture which I have actually bought on facebook, but I can't find the profile. And if I find it I will post it on my blog :) And tomorrow I will add better picture of the ring. I'm sorry that I totally forgot to take it. :P rawkss

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