Sunday, September 22, 2013


So today I got an email from ROMWE with informations about their ROCOCO contest in which you can win 150$. You can check it out here :)
I had to share this contest with you guys because I love rococo, it's my favourite artistic movement. The clothing from rococo is known for floral patterns and lacy things.
And some of those stuff were inspired by it. I chose my 12 favourite stuff, and I hope you'll like em.
Here are some of them: 

and if you wanna see the rest, just click here.
Good luck with the contest :D !

Sunday, September 15, 2013

We're the colors of the rainbow, yeah, yeah :D

Don't you think that you'll never have enough leggings? :) That's how I feel, cuz I just love them! I kinda got bored from all those monochromatic pants...Although I gotta say that these are not so comfortable because they are not stretchy, but they are also not expensive therefore it's not a big deal. Here's were you can order them, but there's only one size, so I only recommend you to buy them if you wear S or M. And this shirt I have bought a looong time ago at Tally Weijl, but that's something you can always find, so here's a similar one. As for the accessories, I'm wearing Claire's  Toxic necklace which unfortunately they don't have anymore, but you can check out their other stuff because they are amazing and not expensive. And the ring with a little rainbow is from Sixx jewelry but I have also bought it a long time ago and I couldn't find anything similar. However, I still recommend you to check out those two jewelry shops because they have really cute, unique and interesting accessories :)  And finally I wanna share this awesome nail polish tutorial with you > here . I really like it, but I'm not good at this things so I have only made two skulls on the left hand, and I haven't even tried to draw the lines. I hope you'll try it and good like with it! :P byebye

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nice leopard print dress

Hii :) Soo after all those looks with leggings (which I, as you can see, adore :P), I got just a little bit of them tired and decided to post this one. It's nothing special, just a pretty dress with leopard print. But that's why I like it, cuz it's not too conspicuous and not formal. It's also very comfortable and simple, but the leopard makes it really awesome. I love it cuz you can wear it with both, sneakers and heels.
And for the end, this dress is from Terranova (link), but it's sold out on their website. Here you can find similar. Besides dress you can see rings that I'm wearing. It's a coffin ring, in which there's engraved skelleton when you open it. I can't remember the store in which I bought it, but I found similar on ebay. The second one is just a simple ring, which I have bought in Sixx jewelry, a long time ago, but it's not hard to find a similar in other jewelry shops.
And this is it, I hope you like it :) ROAR 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hello '.' this post is kinda different, but next time it will be like before I think :P
So this look is maybe a little bit urban, because of the graffiti leggings and snapback. And in my opinion this is an everyday look. You can wear it when hanging out with friends, going to school etc... Those leggings are from Terranova ( link ) and they are really nice and comfortable. I love this tank shirt because the print is awesome and on the shirt it says:"Dreams come from backstage, ONLY FOR NOW". You can but it ( here ) and also check out other t-shirts from Stradivarius cause they are great :) . As for the accessories you can see the snapback from C&A, on which it says "Oh boy". Unfortunately I couldn't find it on the internet. I love snapbacks and they are really helpful when you have a bad hair day, haha jk :P ...I'm also wearing the ring with Lana del Rey's picture which I have actually bought on facebook, but I can't find the profile. And if I find it I will post it on my blog :) And tomorrow I will add better picture of the ring. I'm sorry that I totally forgot to take it. :P rawkss

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gimme the Brite Lites

Hello :D So this is by now my favourite outfit, and I hope that you will like it :P I have bought this t-shirt at Bershka | buy it here | , and those galaxy leggings I got from ebay | buy them here | . The sneakers are from New Yorker, but I can't find them on the internet :/  At the end of the post you can see my accessorizes better. Double skull bracelet I also got from ebay | buy it here | . And chain sunglasses I bought in Budapest, but you can also find them on ebay | here | . :) 
Thanks for reading my blog :3 RAWRRR

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tell me I'm your National Anthem.


I haven't posted any thing in a while, so I just wanted to share this look with you guys :P My grandma made this beautiful dress for me, that's why there's no link to it :P I'm also wearing black wedges (Which I can't find on the internet cuz they are not marked) and black bow ring that I bought at Six jewelry ( I couldn't find anything similar but you can check this this one )

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Red is for fire

Hi everyone :3 Here's a review for two red lipsticks. So the first one is Deborah's Atomic red lipstick and the second one is from Rimmel's Kate Moss lipstick collection. I personally like Rimmel's more, because it's less glossy, so I would probably rather recommend you that one. But as I said both are good, it just depends on what you like :)
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